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Will cut to your requirements but 4 metres would be max length due to our small machinery. All small limbs have been removed and it lies down by the back fence which is next to a farm. Can arrange delivery, or collection from SA67 8AD location: Narberth Narberth, Pembrokeshire Advert Start Date: 28/8/17 Corsican Pine One butt length of Corsican pine. My estimate of the standing tree was 20 cubic metres. Mid QG 7-14 lengths 14' to 26' Suitable for sawing or carving. Hascombe, Surrey Advert Start Date: 15/5/17 Yew (seasoned) lengths x 6 for sale - Surrey Seasoned yew - approximately 2.5 years old / measurements below / follow web link below for pictures: 1) 4.4m length butt end East/West 38cm N/S 44cm 2) 3.02m length, E/W 50cm N/S 50cm 3) 3.84m E/W 50cm N/S 45cm 4) 3.94 twin stemmed so butts are E/W 32cm & 20cm N/S 47cm 5) 1.92m 6) 2.52 1.5 miles from Godalming - access via tarmac, then hardcore path to smaller path down slope to wood (see pics) Price to be discussed - offers for all 6 pieces or just 1 piece considered. Log lengths are 3m, various diameters, nothing too big nothing too small. Herefordshire, Gloucestershire, Worcestershire Advert Start Date: 24/3/17 5 Large Eucalyptus Nitens (Shining Gum) Large trees possibly the largest of the species in UK. Currently standing trees within area just coppiced. The asking price includes milling, but carriage and collection is for the buyer unless transport cost is added. Approximately 50m3 ready to extract now, with another 50m3 ready very soon. Kettering, Northamptonshire Advert Start Date: 5/2/16 Clean Ash Sawlogs for Sale Approx. Norfolk Advert Start Date: 5/2/16 Turkey Oak for Sale Large Turkey Oak which fell down on New Year Eve available for sale until end of January. Haveringland, Norfolk Advert Start Date: 26/2/15 Poplar Timber for Sale I have about 250 ton of poplar timber that will be felled in March 2015. These are for sale in the round by the tipper load for £40 delivered locally (up to ten miles). *3.7 Chip - MC (inc infected JL - 150 tonne) *3.1 Bar - MC (inc infected JL - 90 tonne)Devon Advert Start Date: 25/10/14 Chestnut Lengths by the Load or Cut to Order For sale chestnut lengths 9'6 rail lengths 6'6 mortice post lengths 5,5'6,6 ft post lengths 7ft strainer lenghts Also can cut lengths to order Collection road side unfortunately due to site restrictions 8 wheeler only. Snowdonia, near Nant Gwynant Advert Start Date: 13/10/14 Large Sweet Chestnut I'm about to fell some large sweet chestnuts some have been planked in the past and have made excellent useful timber If your interested pleace contact me before they end up as firewood Kent Advert Start Date: 13/10/14 Oak/Ash/Silver Birch Cord For Sale I have approx 150 Tonnes of Oak and Ash cord for sale, approx 2.5 lengths. Cornwall /Devon Advert Start Date: 22/9/14 Standing Chestnut Coppice For Sale By Tender Approximately 30 acres of high quality FSC certified chestnut coppice in Kent to be sold by tender on Monday 13th October 2014.

Easy access is possible for large vehicles if needed. Betchworth, Surrey Advert Start Date: 28/8/17 Hardwood Sawlogs Ash and oak saw logs available. This will make good fast burning firewood but probably even better as kindling. Godalming, Surrey Advert Start Date: 2/5/17 Birch Firewood, Cranbrook, Kent I have for sale approx. Available in Artic loads and 8 wheeler loads at roadside, or we can arrange haulage for you. The trees were originally planted as part of UK trials into the species. Approx 10 tonne of oversized, with butts up to 1 metre diameter. Sorry for the huge advert, we are getting a lot of interest and I want everyone to get as full information as possible. Bodiam, East Sussex Advert Start Date: 17/2/16 Ash Cordwood for Sale I will have 100 tons of mixed ash and hornbeam cordwood for sale in 3m lengths. Bicester, Oxon Advert Start Date: 24/2/16 600 x 10m Scots Pine for Sale 600 mature Scots Pine trees for sale. North Bristol Advert Start Date: 19/2/16 Free timber Felling site in Hampshire, looking for someone to take the timber away - mixture of beech, ash, norway maple and a bit of poplar. Trunk 1.2m in diameter, 10m long (with all branches and brush removed) and straight in Y shape. Stone, Staffordshire Advert Start Date: 5/10/15 Larch logs for sale at roadside We are felling Japanese larch (all clear of Phytophthora) from our conservation woodland in South Wales. It will be roadside and cut into lengths of 2.2 metre. Hampshire Advert Start Date: 16/2/15 Oak Sawlogs 5 small lots of oak saw logs for sale. What we don't sell will be taken off site and back to Yorkshire, we are only on site until the 17 February 2015. Near Maidstone, Kent Advert Start Date: 21/10/14 Monterey pine and macrocarpa firewood available 60-80 tons of large diameter Monterey pine and macrocarpa, has been stacked since December/ January so classed as part seasoned. Please contact Anthony Frampton or David Keeler to register your interest and receive tender details.

Ranging from 3-12 feet long and 1-3 feet in diameter. Sittingbourne, Kent Advert Start Date: 24/3/17 Long Spruce Sawlogs for Sale Approx. 17 cubic metres overbark, average lengths from 3-6 metres. Roadside collection by buyer - access possible for 6 wheeler, but lane too tight for artic. Dolton, Devon, EX19 Advert Start Date: 5/3/17 Woodchip Mulch Available for Sale We are a tree surgery business and we have a large amount of Woodchip/mulch for sale. If anyone is interested in purchasing this we are open to offers on purchasing per ton. for sale 100 tonne Have for sale 100tonne of beech in 8 feet lengths separate. Dorchester, Dorset Advert Start Date: 15/1/16 Larch, Douglas and Oak for Sale Large quantities of Larch and Douglas (500 tonnes) for sale in West Wales. Kent Advert Start Date: 18/12/15 Seasoned Hardwood Cordwood for Sale Oak, Birch, Hornbeam cut to manageable sizes, felled 2013. Access only by 4x4 vehicles, or can deliver 2 ton loads within 10 miles at extra charge. Bexhill-on-Sea, East Sussex Advert Start Date: 9/12/15 Cordwood Hardwood Firewood 30m3 For Sale 30m3 Hardwood Cordwood 3m lengths, mainly silver birch. All proceeds go to our charity, Ruperra Conservation Trust, to help continued management of the woodland. Timber has been sorted and stacked ready to be processed into planks/ beams/ furniture. Landline in the evenings, and mobile during the day but no txts. Nr Lampeter, West Wales Advert Start Date: 20/10/15 Giant Redwood - Sequoia - looking to sell in the round I have a Sequoia in the back yard, details are: Dia from 1.4mtr up is approx. Price per tonne on roadside, or can organise haulage. Lincoln Advert Start Date: 22/9/15 Apple Round Timber for Sale Apple branch-wood rounds up to 3m long, various diameters. Suitable for furniture making, turning, crafts and wood fuels. All of our apple wood is sustainably sourced from our heritage orchard restoration project. Photos: YEU1s Gloucestershire Advert Start Date: 24/8/15 Timber (firewood) for sale STACK 1... 3.2 metres in length and ranging in size, largest about 20 inch. Trunk measures approx 210cm and height of trunk before branching off is approx 250cm. Please enquire by mobile (Geoff) for up to date quantities and deliveries.

If you have any interest in these please callor email. Cranfield, Bedfordshire Advert Start Date: 10/2/17 Very Large Ash Logs I have some huge Ash logs which would be great for a chainsaw carver. Haulage arranged in house by ourselves The simple way to buy large quantities of round timber. Phytophora-free, BSL registered & suitable for biomass firewood and chip. Available in the round at 3m lengths or cut to your specification, can even fully process into firewood for sale by m3 for bulk orders. Near Caerphilly, South Wales Advert Start Date: 9/12/15 Larch Roundwood for Sale (Aberdeenshire) Ideal firewood all below 40cm @ 3m. Also available are some straight Ash cords in 3m lengths, too good for firewood. Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk, IP30 Advert Start Date: 4/11/15 Artic Load of Seasoned Oak Firewood I have about an artic load of oak (few bits of beech and birch as well)firewood for sale cut about 3 years ago. Logs ranging from super small to incredibly large, some of it is even too good for firewood. Near Liss , Hampshire Advert Start Date: 9/11/15 Standing Nettlecombe Oak for Sale Top-quality standing oak, very tall, very straight, very old, Nettlecombe oak was originally planted to build ships for the Spanish Armarda. £60.00 per m3 Beccles, Suffolk Advert Start Date: 26/10/15 Softwood for Sale at Roadside A selection of softwoods, mainly Sitka, some fresh-cut and some seasoned. Minimum 1 artic possibly 2 once all collected together. 4.40 mtrs - at about 4mtrs up the tree splits into 4 stems each of approx 1.5mtrs - overall height is estimated at 27mtrs - The tree sits approx. 4m lengths of sweet chestnut avg 18" diameter felled in Jan 2015. Cambridgeshire Advert Start Date: 15/9/15 Superb Beech Logwood Two beech butts each 3.8 meters by 1.15 meters. South Oxfordshire Advert Start Date: 13/9/14 350 Mature Douglas Fir, Llangollen Standing timber for sale - 350 Mature Douglas Fir average DBH 55cm.

Worcestershire / Herfordshire Advert Start Date: 26/1/17 Five Standing Mature Poplars for sale Garden trees between 69-114cm DBH and 25m-29m high Roadside access. Yateley, Surrey GU46 7AD Advert Start Date: 7/6/16 Cherry wood for Turning and Carving. One trunk approximately 9 feet x 8'' diameter and the other 7 feet x 6'' diameter. Buyer collects or, if local, could be delivered by trailer. 1) 300 (L) x 81 (D) cm 2) 236 (L) x 71 (D) cm 3) 227 (L) x 27 (D) cm Open to sensible offers. Devon A361 19 miles Jct 27 M5 Advert Start Date: 7/8/14 Hardwood Cordwood for Sale Approx 30 tonnes of high quality hardwood cordwood for sale at roadside. Mostly hornbeam, with a small amount of ash and oak mixed in.

Insch, Aberdeenshire Advert Start Date: 8/9/17 Felled Pine for Collection Possible tree thining exercise (only very possible this stage) involving felling substantial (plus 200) pine trees which would be available for collection once felled and trimmed. Grimsby, NE Lincs Advert Start Date: 8/9/17 Logs for Collection We have upwards of 200 logs mainly willow and poplar but there are some silver birch as well. The stem is in three pieces - each are3-5m long and have a diameter of approx. (currently March 17) please contact me for further details. Cresselly, Pembrokeshire Advert Start Date: 19/6/16 Hardwood Cordwood for Sale I'm selling a mixture of cordwood, but mostly ash, but also beech and some oak. email me please for photos or see my facebook page Worcestershire Advert Start Date: 2/3/16 Hardwood Cordwood for Sale Approx 95m3 of ash and hornbeam with a small amount of oak. Hampshire Advert Start Date: 17/2/16 Hardwood - beech, oak, sycamore, etc... Derbyshire/Staffordshire Border Advert Start Date: 21/1/16 Hardwood and Softwood timber for sale Chestnut logs and coppice, Oak, Douglas Fir, Larch (free from Phytophthora) for sale. Evidently the peel has not damaged the quality of the wood, sadly I lost the chaps details, but know he specialised from Walnut and was from the south coast, near Brighton, I think. 90% - Ash / Sycamore, 6% - Alder, 4% - Beech / Oak 25-30 Cu mtr poplar 12-15 Cu mtr Larch Log/Bar, ideal for kindling. Payment will be required in full before collection. Lewes, East Sussex Advert Start Date: 4/1/16 Very large standing Ash tree for felling and timber I have a large standing ASH that needs to be removed. Happy to discuss options/offset of timber cost if anyone is interested please drop me a email. £30 - £40 per tonne at roadside (depending on diameter). Insch Aberdeenshire Advert Start Date: 30/11/15 Oak for Milling Beautifully straight green and seasoned Oak for processing. They will be measured once they are at roadside in a few weeks. Near Canterbury, Kent Advert Start Date: 15/9/15 Yew timber offered in exchange for removal Two yew trunks have been cut back over the last week so there is also a lot of good quality timber Need to be cut down and removed Wood is free if you can remove the trees. Diameter varies from 2"-2ft, average diameter 6/7". Timber cut to your specification, very competitive rates. Ashford, Kent (TN26) Advert Start Date: 10/2/15 Mixed Species and Oak Firewood Lots Oak approx 30 cu.m, near Hungerford £38 per cu.m. near Andover £38 per cm3 Beech (large)approx 20cm to 45cm approx 25 cu.m. £50 per M3 Buyer collects by arrangement Llanwrda, SA19 8HD Advert Start Date: 19/10/14 Ash cordwood for sale Roadside ash (mainly ash some cherry and hazel) for sale was Felled this summer. Canterbury, Kent Advert Start Date: 13/10/14 Standing Lime Tree Available Lime tree in small suburban garden ready to be felled. It has all been split and stacked and is around 15% moisture so ready to burn now. 10 Tonnes of both Douglas and Spruce Sawlogs in 16' at roadside. We are left with the cleaned up trunk size 12 metres long, 0.95 m at the base and 0.35 metres at the top. It is freshly cut at 15" down x 2.5m long, and priced at roadside for: Ash - £60.00 per tonne Sycamore and Cherry - £50.00 per tonne.

I also have a piece of what I believe to be Monkey puzzle which is 50" long and 2' diameter location: wilmslow,cheshire Wilmslow, Cheshire Advert Start Date: 5/3/17 Mixed Firewood Cord Roughly 150cubic meters, cut in 2meter lengths. The trees vary in diameter from 70cm down to 45cm at DBH. All timber will be felled professionally to avoid shake and damage. Cresselly, Pembrokeshire Advert Start Date: 19/6/16 Beech Logs 50 tonne of beech logs. I'm unsure on access, on google maps I think you could get an bulker in, but my client is unsure. Trunk section 1 199cm x 50cm (Heartwood unaffected) Trunk section 2 106cm x 46cm (Heartwood unaffected) Trunk section 2 140cm x 48cm (Heartwood unaffected) Trunk section 4 155cm x 54cm (slight rot running through part of heartwood on this section only) Large misc straight sections of upper tree (unaffected) I have images which I can send onto you on request. The tree spanned some 50ft and has currently taken over an area in the garden spanning 10m2...

These are good quality trees and will be felled with a licence. Please contact me if you are interested with your details and I'll pass them on. John Vallance location: Hayling Island Hayling Island (PO11 0PN) Advert Start Date: 17/11/15 Seasoned Cordwood Ideal for Processor Processor firewood seasoned for at least 18 months. All the wood in garden from the cut tree £150.00 and happy to help load a vehicle to collect. Bournemouth Advert Start Date: 12/8/14 Large Oak Hulks I have 3 sections of a wind-blown oak, track side ready to be removed.

Useful for woodland shelters, workshops, timber framing, kids swings/playgrounds etc. Woodbridge Suffolk Advert Start Date: 11/5/16 Standing Mature Poplar trees Approx half an acre of standing mature poplar trees ready for felling and removal. You’ll need to arrange site visit to see if its viable for you. The timber has been on the deck between 8-12 months. Delivery service available within local radius of 50 miles. Llanwrda, Mid-Wales Advert Start Date: 30/6/15 Seasoned Softwood for sale Seasoned Douglas and some clean larch for sale, all cut to 2.4m, suitable for chipping / processor-size firewood. The timber is stacked at roadside for convenient access. £40.00 per tonne Burwarton, Nr Bridgnorth, Shropshire Advert Start Date: 19/5/15 Ash Cordwood 2.4m (Large Diameter) I have around 10 ton of mainly ash but also a small amount of beech cordwood which is too large for my firewood processor. Access very good (in large yard) 5 mins from M25 J10. Ripley, Surrey Advert Start Date: 18/5/15 Oak log & Limbs We have a large amount of fresh English oak logs and limbs from a large oak tree we are in the process of removing and are looking to home. Barnet, London Advert Start Date: 14/5/15 Standing larch for Sale- North Derbyshire Parcel of standing larch for sale on western fringes of Chesterfield. redirect= Derbyshire Advert Start Date: 13/5/15 Hornbeam Cordwood I have for sale a small amount of hornbeam cordwood available in pick-up truck loads. Benfleet, Essex Advert Start Date: 28/4/15 Chip/ Log wood for Sale Sweet Chestnut - felled autumn 2014. Maidstone, Kent Advert Start Date: 2/12/14 Large Oak Trunk I have a large Oak trunk for sale. Cut 2013, sold and burned this winter, makes excellent firewood. Clevedon, North Somerset, BS21 Advert Start Date: 1/4/15 Cedar Tree We have just secured approval for the large 150ft cedar tree in our garden to be taken down as it has reached the end of its life. Worcestershire Advert Start Date: 26/3/15 Holm Oak Firewood 2.5m We have roughly 180 tonnes of Holm Oak firewood for sale. Also available are 2 clean ash butts also 4m long and 50cm.

Saundersfoot, South Wales Advert Start Date: 1/1/18 Oak & Birch firewood cordwood - Essex Large amount of oak and birch firewood in 3m lengths. Graded for processing Over size at a reduced rate Good access Photos available Brentwood, Essex Advert Start Date: 1/1/18 Larch Poles - south west Wales As a product of our thinning our plantation, we have a huge mix of sized poles for sale; from 2/3 up to 12" diameter, length variable. Cresselly, Pembrokeshire Advert Start Date: 19/6/16 Firewood for Sale Cord Lengths 1st - 90% sycamore 5% oak 5% silver birch the pile is constantly being added to so unable to give a exact tonnage. £44 per ton road side 2nd - total mixture of all hard wood ash, oak, sycamore, sweet chestnut and silver birch again unable to give exact tonnage. £40 per ton road side You can comfortable get a HGV to both sites and we can organise local delivery. North Yorkshire DL7 Advert Start Date: 9/5/16 Large Ash/sycamore for Sale We are either looking to mill this, or sell it. Ash is over 40inch at the base and has been cut down to 6-7 metres and nice straight lengths. 50 tonne currently available, 100 tonne still to cut. Access is OK for most trees but is steep for a few. LOT 1 is 3 x trunks - measurements: Trunk 1 is L57 inches x W6 inches Circ 21 inches Trunk 2 is L57 inches x W6 inches Circ 18 inches Trunk 3 is L57 inches x W7 inches Circ 22 inches LOT 2 is a stump still in ground - measurements: L20 inches x W 12 inches Circ 34 inches LOT 3 is various cut offs/branches Dunstable, Bedfordshire Advert Start Date: 26/7/15 Standing Timber for Sale Two separate plots available running along road side. Diameter between 50mm - 250mm, 3m lengths, straight with minimal bends. We can arrange haulage upon the purchase of the timber. Birmingham, West Midlands Advert Start Date: 7/7/15 Mixed Cordwood for Sale - Ash, Alder, Beech, Birch and Oak 1000 ton available cut to 2.4 to 3.0 mtr lengths, 100 mm diameter to 600 mm diameter. Price is £50 per ton roadside for mixed, £60 per ton roadside for ash, £45 per ton for beech & oak. Aviemore, Inverness-shire Advert Start Date: 26/5/15 Alder Cordwood for Sale Approximately 100 tonnes in varying diameter (Majority range from 6 inch to 15 inch, some range up to 30 inch) and length (ranging from 3.5m to 4.5m). Most are around 3 - 5 meters in length as they have been extracted by horses. Access from a main road in to the woodland but we do not have loading capability. Contact: [email protected] Telford, Shropshire Advert Start Date: 16/4/15 Western Red Cedar Wanted We have an ongoing requirement for winter hand-felled Western Red Cedar sawlogs for log building projects. Norfolk Advert Start Date: 12/4/15 Seasoned Beech - 4ft Lengths Varying diameter approximately 50 yrs old. Sold in lrg trailer loads, or as a job lot for £850 ono. Timber is mixed hardwood, mainly oak,sycamore, birch. There are some smaller diameter spalted beech also.

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