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That suggested there is not yet any new written policy or executive order.

Trump’s sudden declaration appears to halt a decades-long trend toward more inclusive policies on military service, including the repeal in 2010 of a ban on gays serving openly.

His action is “harmful, misguided and weakens, not strengthens our military,” said Democratic Sen. John Mc Cain, the Arizona Republican and Vietnam War hero, said Trump was simply wrong.

“Any American who meets current medical and readiness standards should be allowed to continue serving,” he said.

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In December 2015, President Barack Obama’s Pentagon chief, Ash Carter, announced that all military positions would be open to women.Liberalizing policy on transgender troops was the next step.Just last week, when asked about the transgender issue at a Senate hearing, Gen.Demonstrators flocked to a plaza named for San Francisco gay-rights icon Harvey Milk to protest President Donald Trump’s abrupt ban on transgender troops in the military. Rodriguez) FILE - In this March 27, 2008 file photo, the Pentagon is seen in this aerial view in Washington.President Donald Trump says he will bar transgender individuals from serving “in any capacity” in the armed forces.

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