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Using this setup, that boatload of cheap sensors can now be on the internets.

They can email you when things get too hot, too cold, too smokie, too gassy, or too bright. You can also view the status of sensors on your smart phone.

[EDIT] I created a forum to collaborate on gateway code. A few years ago, I became a dog owner for the first time.

I didn't like leaving Cody in the kennel alone all day.

I want to provide a home with the full range of human senses. Dog Bark (Any Loud Noise) Sensor Get email notifications of loud noise.

I use it to get an email if my dog barks in the kennel, so that I can open up my kennel webcam and see why he barked.

This is a long Instructable, but you can jump to the sensor you're interested in building.

These elements are the focus of the design: So, here's the list of sensors in this Instructable.

I wanted some way of getting an immediate email notification when he barks, or when something bad happens.Optionally, you can enable email notifications when temperature dips below/above some preset value.Helpful for detecting furnace or air conditioner failures.These sensor nodes are wireless, so you're not constrained by the location of ethernet ports. This Instructable will be a tutorial for how to build a variety of long range wireless sensors, and how to integrate these sensors into a sophisticated open source home automation server.Aside from looking at a mobile app to see what's happening, you'll also receive timely email and audio notifications.

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