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To be clear, this man, who asked that his last name be withheld, works in finance, lives in the West Village and doesn't mind footing the bill for local places he likes to frequent.The Beatrice Inn (entrees are from to ) or the similarly priced Bobo are two examples.According to com Score, an Internet analytics company, Americans spend most of Though the Internet is made up of tens of millions of web sites, people spend the vast majority of time on just a handful of them. identified the 10 Web properties where people spend the most time.According to com Score, an Internet analytics company, Americans spend most of their time online on Facebook -- 10.8% in December 2012. Many of the top online sites have managed to significantly increase the time spent on their sites in the past year due to the rise in mobile devices, such as tablets and smartphones.The problem with an impressive restaurant is that it often takes both people out of their comfort zone — the girl dresses up and the guy puts on his ,000 "Hugo Boss date suit," Luna said."I tend to feel like you should start investing in the relationship after you begin to feel like — I don't want to sound harsh — you are getting a return on this investment, that this might be the person you want to start building unique experiences with," he said.As for David, the 30-year-old in finance, he said he doesn't regret his ,000 annual dating bill."It doesn't make sense."And this isn't just a story about men, money and dating. Polly Mosendz, 23, a reporter who lives in Greenwich Village, recently embarked on a dating campaign of sorts with a group of friends who made a pact to start dating frequently.Between cab rides to and from a date, buying a drink at a bar with the hope of meeting someone and splitting the bill about half the time, Mosendz said she spends 0 each week (or ,760 for the year). Jason Rak, a 38-year-old clinical social worker, hasn't met his match in the 10 years and estimated ,000 he has spent dating in New York City.

"Who wants to spend five, 10 or 20 grand on dating?

That month, Americans spent another 10% of their Internet time on Google properties, including Google search and You Tube. The top 25 digital media properties in December 2012 increased their reach through mobile channels by 29% compared to December 2011. ESPN expanded its digital reach by 56% compared to 2011, more than any of the 25 largest online properties except for Pandora.

The growth in mobile engagement has not necessarily been good news for Internet companies.

" said Rak, making the point that the ,000 he spent on dating could have been used as a deposit on an apartment.

Online dating provides more options for more first dates but relationships are rarely the outcome, according to Art Malov, a dating coach.

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