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It will “leave you feeling completely satisfied and better about your life than the second you sat down at my bar,” he says.

Phillips tends bar at the Social Club at the Surfcomber Hotel in Miami Beach, Fla.

The Essential Guide to Culinary Creativity, Based on the Wisdom of America’s Most Imaginative Chefs by Karen Page and Andrew Dornenburg Photography by Barry Salzman (Little, Brown; Fall 2008) On the heels of the authors’ pioneering 1996 work on flavor composition (2008) has been more readily embraced by professional chefs and home cooks, not to mention dietitians and mixologists, all around the globe as a comprehensive reference of contemporary compatible flavors that inspires their creations.

Named by is available in English and has been translated into other languages including Chinese, French, German, and Russian.

Not only does it talk about ingredients, it talks about methods of cooking. I mean for real, how awesome is that kind of knowledge! They’ve already done the experimenting (and messing up) for you, and by they, I mean crazy awesome chefs from all over the place.

For example, what’s the best way to prepare that bag of carrots in your fridge? Seriously, y’all, this book is a savior for any of you who want to throw dinner together but just don’t know what should be thrown. Every food is in alphabetical order, rather than being organized by type or style of cuisine.

And the best cocktail is one that’s well-balanced, according to bartender Chad Phillips.J.), Traci Des Jardins from jardinière (San Francisco), Homaro Cantu from moto (Chicago), Michael Lomonaco of Porter House (NYC), and José Andrés (cookbook author and TV personality) that help explain why and how they create their culinary masterpieces.Give this book to someone who loves to cook; chances are they’ll reward you with a fabulous meal prepared with you in mind.” “Beets At the Root of this Honey and Tarragon Cocktail: All Things Considered’s Found Recipes series isn’t just about food.Cuisine is undergoing a startling historic transformation: With the advent of the global availability of ingredients, dishes are no longer based on geography but on .This radical shift calls for a new approach to cooking as well as a new genre of “cookbook” that serves not to document classic dishes via recipes, but to inspire the creation of new ones focused on imaginative and harmonious flavor combinations.

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