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Many could also be broken down or scaled back into smaller activities.Many of these ideas could become regular yearly events.Many of the projects below could be reduced down in order for this Journey award, then built on later for the Girl Scouts Gold Award.Introduction Assistance to people and communities can be put into two categories: #1 usually doesn't change anything long-term, nor create a widespread or sustainable change -- it helps just in an immediate moment.These ideas cover activities relating to the arts (theater, dance, photography, painting, music), the environment (including dogs, cats, and other animals/pets), children and youth, seniors / the elderly, low-income people, at-risk people, women, other countries, poverty and more!These are projects that would meet the new requirements of the Girl Scouts Gold Award and many of the Journey Awards (those related to community service, awareness or advocacy).

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These projects also meet the requirements of the Duke of Edinburgh's Award (U. Successfully undertaking any of these projects would meet the nomination requirements for a state governor's volunteer awards or, perhaps, a nomination for one of the Jefferson Awards for Public Service, such as "Greatest Public Service by an Individual 35 Years or Under." Successfully undertaking any of these leadership projects would get the attention of a university's admissions office, or, perhaps, a scholarship committee.

You can find every registered nonprofit in your zip code using Guidestar; if a nonprofit sounds interesting to you, type its name into Google, look at its web site or call the organization, and propose your volunteering idea. Okay then: Texas, Oregon, Iowa, Kentucky, Maine and various other states have annual Governor's Volunteer Awards (in California, it's called the Governor and First Lady's Service Award), recognizing group and individual volunteer efforts. Okay, look at the individual web sites for Girl Scouts of the USA council offices, Boy Scouts of America council offices, etc.

Tell them that your idea is in support of your Girl Scout Gold or Silver Award, the Duke of Edinburgh's Award, etc. Look online for profiles of past winners, especially youth and teen winners and group winners. Is there one that you could replicate or adapt in your community? The Girl Scouts of the USA blog profiled several recent Gold Awards. Look at what other people have done for Gold Awards, Eagle Scout projects, etc.

Completing any of these activities would demonstrate your skills in problem-solving, research, networking, persuasive speaking and consensus-building.

Each activity, as a whole, would require at least 80 hours of work on your part, if done correctly.

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