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But is is most likely that the stauros had a transverse in the form of a crossbeam. 15): Below this (cross) was a cupboard with a step in front. In 1945 a family tomb was discovered in Jerusalem by Prof. Note his findings: Two of the ossuaries bear the name "Jesus" in Greek. ; ; Luke ; ) and talks about "crucifying the old nature" (Gal. Over and over, Paul considers the cross a sign of victory, not defeat! Christians are not afraid of the cross nor are they to worship it.

Secular sources do not permit any conclusion to be drawn as to the precise form of the cross, as to whether it was the crux immissa ( ) or crux commissa (T). This has considered to be in the shape of an ara or shrine, but could well have been used as a place of prayer. It is rather a symbol of the greatest act of love ever!

(Seneca, De Vita Beata 19:3; Epistola 1; Tacitus, Historiae, IV, 3) Xylon, like stauros, can also be used to refer to a cross, a fact carefully side-stepped by the WT in their effort to prove their point.

They thus fail to prove anything with regard to stauros and xylon.

As the first-century Jewish historian Josephus noted, wood was so scarce in Jerusalem during the first century A. that the Romans were forced to travel ten miles from Jerusalem to secure timber for their siege machinery. 21) Similar are the details mentioned under "Cross" in the New International Dictionary of New Testament Theology: It is certain only that the Romans practised this form of execution. If this interpretation is correct, and the excavators are strongly in favor of the Christian significance of symbol and furnishings, then here we have the example of an early house church. Sukenik of the Museum of Jewish Antiquities of the Hebrew University. Sukenik is the world's leading authority on Jewish ossuaries. This has been the message of the church throughout the centuries--that Jesus died on the cross for our sins, and that he is alive and lives through us (1 Cor. This message only appeals to certain people; most often the lowly and simple (1 Cor. Paul also uses the cross as a symbol for the cause of Christianity, as well as the death of the old nature. He tells us that some have become "enemies of the cross" (Phil. He talks about the old nature and the Law as being "nailed to the cross" (Col. He picks up on the theme of Jesus regarding the cross (Matt.

There were two possible ways of erecting the stauros. The WT considers the churches as "unclean" for using the cross as a symbol of the death of Jesus.

The condemned man could be fastened to the cross lying on the ground at the place of execution, and so lifted up on the cross. While it is agreed that worship of the cross or any other symbol is wrong, the use of a symbol for illustrative purposes has never been wrong, either in the NT or OT records.

What they don't mention is that the word often refers to more complex constructions, such as the cross.

The Latin word crux usually translated "cross," was also at times used to refer to a mere stake.

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