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This happens simply because evilness is a universal and philosophical connotation which cannot be operationalized. This term is reserved either for Mulattos or for individuals of the Malagasy or African type, which is relatively well marked. From the point of view of cognitive anthropology development and expansion of human thought is expressed mainly through communication.

Following the legacy and contradictions of Michel Foucault, we examine the role of history to rememorize traumatic events such as ethnic cleansing or genocides. If the genocides are perpetrated by evil-doers or demons, instead of humans, also we are unable to invoke history to vindicate the suffering. He wrote that Creole is: “Any individual, who is neither Franco-Mauritian (White), nor Indo-Mauritian, nor Sino Mauritian. When relationship between human thought and human society is being enlightened, it is included within the sphere of cognitive Anthropology (D’Andrade 1995:1).

Nonetheless, this discourse not only oppresses other discourse but also silences other voices. From a Political Point of View A Historian, I discussed with, said that from a political point of view, the British Colonists were somehow responsible for this present situation because they encouraged the party that won the majority votes to govern the island after independence. Communication as an academic discipline relates to all the ways we communicate, so it embraces a large body of study and knowledge. Persson (eds.), Jaws of the Underworld: Life, Death, and Rebirth among the Ancient Maya, Acta Mesoamericana 16, 71-86. K1081; (e) a decorated funerary bundle with an Itzamna mask from codex-style ceramic vessel Kerr No. Hidden under the hair’s symbol there is the image of a woman free to dance in the wild, how the photos of Paola Luciani show.

Under the lemma, economy of truth, Foucault argues that any discourse should be understood as a text, constructed according to previous cultural value, which is structured in a specific form of economic production. Since the Hindus are more than 50% of the whole population, they are logically at the head of government. The communication discipline includes both verbal and nonverbal messages. K3716; and (f) a decorated mortuary bundle with an Itzamna mask from codex-style ceramic vessel Kerr No. The hair represent a paradox anthropology: waste body and symbol of the individual; here we come to the “not violent violence.” Noi siamo fatti tutti di pezzetti, e di una tessitura così informe e bizzarra che ogni pezzo, ogni momento va per conto suo.

Ideologically, history serves to keep the boundaries about what is wrong and good. In the case of the Creoles, the dominant religion had been Catholicism, the masters’ religion, over the slaves’ African cultures and religions during the colonial periods. Communicating with the other world is so important that the users are ready to purchase a phone even from a low income.

We often love some cultural aspects as labor, tourism, mobilities and hate others such as terrorism, violence and torture. Our desire stimulated by the marketing campaigns and advertising alludes to the formation of discourse (history) to discipline threats into tolerable and desired objects. Today, there is still the former masters’ religion that prevails over any other religions that the Creoles would practice. As verbal communication is preferred, users choose user-friendly handsets. Occupation and gender variation in all the parameters of study are also considered.

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