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Just what the right extension is depends on what you’re trying to do.

The Polarr Photo Editor 3 is one of the deeper photo management options with the ability to batch export photos, but it was designed for Android originally, and doesn’t translate to Chrome OS that well.

For those who work with large numbers of images frequently, nothing can be more tedious than going through and applying the same changes to all the photos in an album or collection.

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If this is a little too simplistic for your needs, or you are using an older version of Windows software that may not have all the same features, you can find other batch editing options over at the Picture Manager in Microsoft Office.The latest versions of Windows actually includes a couple native options to tweak your photos in big batches.The first and most obvious option is the Photo Gallery.Adobe provides information on this and other options for batch work.You can also create droplets that will affect images across platforms.

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