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Today, the international gay movement, coupled with AIDS prevention projects, has put male homosexuality into the public discourse in most South East Asian nations.

This, along with the Internet, social networking and pornography sites, allow many Asian gays to see themselves as part of an international culture.

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Allan De Guzman, Cora Parco, Martin Guasch and Luz Urquiola, and the University of Santo Tomas in Manila.

Sexual morality of this sort followed the Spanish into its colonies in the New World. Strangely no law was passed prohibiting homosexuality (Carale, 1970); although during this time, the United States was beginning to actively prohibit homosexuality within its own shores.

During their occupation of the colony, American gays were increasingly harassed (Kaiser, 1997), yet there seemed little impact overseas.

Since females were less regarded, the bottom is looked down upon more than his “male” partner (Sigal, 2003).

In this, the “top” or active partner in sex is the male, while the “bottom” or passive partner is the female.

Thousands of gays lost their jobs, and thousands more were the victims of blackmail and harassment by the police.

It was during this time that the sex researcher Alfred Kinsey claimed that the United States was the worst place in the world for homosexuals (Canaday, 2009).

Tolerance was also dependent on the roles played by the participants in the act of homosexual sex itself.

Scholars of sex have called the Spanish model Mediterranean.

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