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One Shenzhen-based company, China Security & Surveillance Technology, has developed software to enable the cameras to alert police when an unusual number of people begin to gather at any given location.In 2006, the Chinese government mandated that all Internet cafes (as well as restaurants and other “entertainment” venues) install video cameras with direct feeds to their local police stations.Read the article and you will gain some understanding of the total surveillance society that is coming to the whole world.Here are some highlights from the article that gives the details.

It is the most ambitious new government program in the Pearl River Delta, and supplying it is one of the fastest-growing new markets in Shenzhen.But the cameras that Zhang manufactures are only part of the massive experiment in population control that is under way here.“The big picture,” Zhang tells me in his office at the factory, “is integration.” That means linking cameras with other forms of surveillance: the Internet, phones, facial-recognition software and GPS monitoring.What if Satan wanted to totally control the world through some future world ruler and knew a total surveillance system had to be operational by some future date, lets say Satan’s goal is to have it worldwide by 2030AD.Satan knows that his world ruler will not be omnipresent, omnipotent or omniscient so this world ruler and his government will have to depend on a surveillance system that will watch, monitor and follow the movements of everyone on earth and also have access to all information databases in the world.

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