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However, due to Jung Hyung Don’s hiatus from the entertainment industry, idols such as Apink‘s Bomi, EXID‘s Hani, Super Junior‘s Heechul, and INFINITE’s Sungkyu have filled in as special MCs for the show alongside Defconn.

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In 2013, he was featured in 2YOON's Harvest Moon EP for the track "Nightmare" where he showed his impressive rapping skills. In 2015, Cube Entertainment announced Hyuna's title track for A will be featuring Bto B's Ilhoon.but running into jeongguk unexpectedly over christmas break means that it's unavoidable.(When he left though, he took part of her heart away with him and she had been left with no lighthouse to guide her, nobody to tell her there was hope when the skies were dark and the waves were merciless and she was out of breath and drowning.) Jiyong is an omega - a useless, pitiful omega.Ilhoon debuted as the main rapper of the boy group BTOB in 2012. Ilhoon had his last broadcast in Weekly Idol on its 206th episode.In 2012, he collaborated with 4minute's Gayoon with the song "My Love By My Side" that was for My Love By My Side Musical.

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