Aimee teegarden dating zach gilford

In 2010, before Teegarden met her current boyfriend, there was a rumor going on that the actress had been dating Zach Gilford, the actor who played the conflicted and lovable Matt Saracen on NBC's “Friday Night Lights”.

Although there weren’t any confirmations even then, we could see the cute couple’s snaps on the internet.

Zach Gilford is an American actor, recognized for his character in “Friday Night Lights”.

Gilford made his feature film debut, co-starring in “The Last Winter”.

I was working on a student film of her now husband's at the time. I used to send these mean text messages to her from his phone. Nobody really fits in." I just accepted that I am who I am, and I can't change that. [When I was younger] I watched Star Wars and fell in love with Mark Hamill.

And then I got to a point where I was like, "Nobody's normal. I would tell myself to enjoy being a kid and not having responsibilities. Don't worry about everything and really enjoy the moment.

In the Disney movie, she'll face plenty of drama when she's drawn to the guy that gets in the way of her perfect night, but here she opens up about her own (nowhere-near-as-dramatic! Learn all about her super-sweet real-life boyfriend and the things that she wishes she'd known when she was a teenager in this exclusive interview! I don't care how tall you are — it makes you look short. So I started working at Hollister because one of my girlfriends worked there. People would come in and say, "Are you the girl from Friday Night Lights? " And they'd be like, "No, you're not." I'm like, "Okay, I'm not!

Well, I wanted to be the first female professional baseball player. During the second season of Friday Night Lights, I decided that I wanted to have a real job. And now, I think I'm definitely more obsessed with designer clothing. The older I've gotten, the more I've realized what a true friend really is. During the TV show’s original lifetime run, she appeared in a total of 73 episodes.Besides acting, this sizzling actress is also a brilliant model. She has appeared in PETA’s anti-fur campaign advert.

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